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Our health services provide easily accessible but high quality facts on relationships, general health, sickness and disease control, treatment, cure and first aid tips to both users and the general public. The information given through these services enriches the mind, body and soul of our clients. Our over 50,000 active subscribers receive extremely vital daily content which helps them stay healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and romantically


It offers daily health advice, medical information and tips that helps in keeping fit and staying healthy.

To Subscribe to this service:

  • 9Mobile - text GH to 4949


This service provides information on how to treat yourself on minor everyday emergencies that happens in the homes, offices and even on our roads. It offers helpful first aids daily to our clients.

To Subscribe to this service:

  • 9Mobile - text FA to 4949


This service provides important tips on common deadly diseases covering types, stages, causes, risk factors, tips for prevention, symptoms, treatment, cure and management of such diseases.

To Subscribe to this service:

  • 9Mobile - text SD to 4949


<>Clients receive daily information on different cancer diseases, stages involved, medications, treatment, cure, therapies, management and how to personally handle any form of cancer as well as prevention.

To Subscribe to this service:

  • 9Mobile - text CANCER to 4949
  • MTN - text CANCER to 55340


The service is to provide up to the minute health related news and information so as to enable subscribers make informed decisions about their health concerns.

To Subscribe to this service:

  • 9Mobile - text HN to 4949


This service is powered by the Health publication and provides exciting product offerings ranging from Youth health essentials, Motivation and Fitness tips to the younger population.

To Subscribe to this service:

  • 9Mobile - text TRU to 55350


This is an SMS delivered health related information to which teenagers will subscribe. Subscribers will subscribe to a daily SMS alert that will deliver rudimentary knowledge of risk factors for future and age group related diseases, and of those activities that could promote and maintain good health. The daily message will also provide explanation for the physical, physiological and mental changes that occur in the age group; provide knowledge in preparation for social changes/pressure envisaged in the years in view

To Subscribe to this service:

  • 9Mobile - text NOL to 55350


This services gives important facts on how to care for your child physically, mentally & social health development throughout their entire growth phase.

To Subscribe to this service:

  • 9Mobile - text CC to 4949